The World Is Ending … Where Will You Be?

My wife told me last week that the world was coming to an end.

My first instinct was to think: “Oh God … what did I do wrong now?”

But she was serious. She was speaking to someone who told her that. The world, as we know it, was coming to a definite end. And there were signs.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know we’ve all heard it before. The Mayans predicted it, different religions say it’s coming to an end (in a bid to get everyone to either repent or join them or both) and we all know about the Apocalypse and all that.

But what this person told her had facts to back up her claim. Now I could be wrong about this recollection but I think this person knew about some drilling that was happening in Indonesia and what happened was these guys were drilling for oil and instead of hitting oil, they came up with tons and tons of boiling mud.

Yup. Boiling mud.

Why would the mud be boiling? Well, ‘cos the Earth is angry, obviously.

No, I’m just kidding. There’s a logical science to that.

Basically, when they hit boiling mud, the rationale is that the mud was boiling because it was coming from the Earth’s core and since then, this mud has just continued spewing and spewing out. This, to her, was a signal that something cataclysmic’s about to happen.

Think about it like this – imagine a pimple. Basically, it’s a swell on your skin due to the buildup of pressure underneath it. When you put your fingers to it and squeeze, harder and harder and harder, it’s gonna pop and sometimes, what’s underneath comes spewing out, relieving the pressure. Basically, the drill was the fingers doing the squeezing.

So what you might say? Well, relieving the pressure off a pimple is a good thing. But when you’re talking about the Earth’s core, that’s heavy. And the fact that the mud is spewing out constantly now means that this pressure is being released from inside the Earth.

So what happens when the pressure’s completely gone?

Earth crust displacement? Tectonic plate movement?

Basically, worst case scenario is that the continents start to move and everything goes topsy turvy. You’ve seen the movie 2012 and that’s what it is – complete and utter destruction. What follows is panic, mass hysteria, chaos – basically the worst possible outcome.

When I was a kid, I always thought that the world would end when aliens came. I had no idea we would be destroyed from within.

And it’s a scary thought.

But the question is not when the world will end (the Mayan calendar says December 21, 2012) or if it will it end at all … I think it’s where you will be when that happens. And I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Where will I be when the end of all ends comes near?

Quite frankly, I’m not sure. I don’t think anyone can answer that.

Maybe I’ll be at home, in bed with my wife when the tsunami hits. Maybe I’ll be at work, furiously tweeting about how the building is shaking. Maybe I’ll be on the frontlines, fighting to save humanity (yeah, right – like I’m that noble).

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that this knowledge gives me hope.

Strange as it sounds, it makes me think that I should live life to the fullest, be all I can be, rides rollercoasters backwards, run with scissors, love my wife lots and call my sister more often. These are good things. It’s strange how man reacts when he thinks there’s no more time left for him.

So, come December 21 2012, where will you be?


2 Responses to The World Is Ending … Where Will You Be?

  1. Androgeos says:

    Where will I be on December 21, 2012? At home, of course, otherwise in the army.

    I honestly cannot give a hoot about the calendar coming to end. If the world comes to an end on that day, what’s there to do? Will crying me a river help? No. Why would you want to prepare for it anyway? It’s not as if all the preparation in the world can prevent the apocalypse, if it ever happens in our lifetime. For instance, you can have all the tsunami warning systems in the world if you want, but Nature will always, always deal the hammer blow when these aren’t working. It’s happened before, and it will happen again.

    Besides, you’ll just worry yourself sick thinking of stuff that’s not due to pass for another two years.

    If it doesn’t come to an end, don’t you feel like a complete and utter idiot because the Mayans have just pulled off the greatest (not)April Fools’ joke of all time?

    If the world ends, it ends. It’s that simple. Don’t go to it; let it come to you.

  2. theredpants says:

    “Dont go to it; let it come to you” – I like that; like it very much 🙂

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