50 Word Stories

50 Word Stories

Spark: When I was in school, we all used to call War and Peace the best book ever written. None of us had ever actually read War and Peace, but it must have been good because it was sooo long. How can a book be over 1000 pages and not be good? After all, you can tell how good things are based on how long they are. Can’t you?

Assignment: Now that you are an expert at writing the first sentence of a story, try writing the entire story. Complete the story in only 50 words. They can be about anything, but they should be complete. Here are a couple of examples to show you how it can be done:

My Grandmother’s Bird:

“I live with my grandmother as a matter of convenience. She has long since gone senile. She had a pet parakeet that died a week ago. She accuses me of killing it. I feel sorry for her, but if she accuses me one more time I’m going to flatten her.”

Dead Heroes Don’t Sign Autographs:

“Two rules I live by: always give a guy a chance, and never go back on your word. I lowered my shotgun: ‘Don’t ask questions. You got one minute to run. One…two…’ ‘Really?’ He smiled. I shook my head. ‘Idiot,’ and blew off both his kneecaps. ‘Three…four…’”

Details: By the time class meets next week, you will post to your blog 5 stories of fifty words each. They will be the best you can think of and remember when you only have fifty words, every one counts. Add this to the blog as a page, NOT a post.

Questions: tlw3@np.edu.sg


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