Letter to the Past

Everyone’s got a past and no matter how far and hard you run, it’s always there right next to you.

So your assignment this week is to write a Letter to the Past. It should be someone that you have not spoken to in a while, or even someone who you can no longer speak to. It could be somebody who you’ve completely lost touch with or someone who you met randomly once and never spoke to again.

I will not allow letters to animals because I’d prefer if it were to a person. Obviously, letters to walls, letter boxes, pencil sharpeners and plants DON’T COUNT.

So write a letter to this person and when writing the letter, remember to describe yourself exactly as how you are RIGHT NOW and contrast it with how you were BACK THEN when you and the receipient were together.

Posts can be password-protected by doing the following in the “Write Page” screen:

1) Look for “Visibility” on the right hand column entitled “Public”. Click on “Edit”.

2) Select “Password protected” and enter a password in the blank field

If you password-protect your post, you must email me your password, so that I can mark your work.

Questions: leslietan@np.edu.sg


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