Singapore is 704.0 km² and in this tiny diamond shaped landmass, there are 4.68 million people. That’s at least 4.68 million actions being performed by 4.68 million individuals at any given time! And of course, up for grabs are at least 4.68 million stories.

Assignment: So now, with this multitude of choices, you have to go out into the world and choose only 2 out of a possible 4.68 million candidates and observe them with a conscious eye.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the canteen watching a fat man slurp away on a bowl of noodles or in the library watching a mousy woman shelving books. All I need you to do is to write down as many details as you can of the person you’re observing within the time you’re observing them.

It helps to begin with the physical aspects of the person you’re watching; this will then be followed by your observations on their actions and from there, you can start to make informed guesses as to what their appearance and actions tell you about them.

All observations are to be finished and posted on the blog as a page titled “People-watch” by the time we meet in the 3rd week of class. If you’re not sure on how to write the observations, check the sample blogs I’ve posted up in the “Examples” Blogroll in the right column of my blog and go to their People-Watch pages to see some samples of past entries.

So go out there and OBSERVE …

… and try not to get into a staring incident.


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